Community Living Owen Sound and District is committed to assist people with developmental needs to live, work and participate fully in the community as valued partners.

It began with a school.

Mrs. J.B. Croft was on the Owen Sound School Board of Education. In the course of visiting schools, she met Miss Edna Jennings, a special education teacher at Strathcona School. In her class of twenty, six were believed only trainable. Both women felt there should be a separate arrangement for the six. (Children with Intelligence Quotient below fifty were refused admission to public schools).

The Core Values represent the shared perspectives of the people within Community Living Owen Sound, self-advocates, families, staff and leadership. To further an understanding of how the Core Values shape our work, included below (in italics) are the Core Values with interpretations by representatives of the self advocates.

Dignity and Worth of Every Person

We need to get to know the person first and then discover their needs.  This value reminds us of the wholeness (mind, body and spirit) of the people we support.

"I am appreciated for who I am.  My situation is unique and never like a textbook."

Mutual Respect and Healthy Relationships

We will treat others as we would want to be treated.  We recognize that everyone has their own path in life.  Our interactions will be based upon an understanding of differences and respecting of choices.

"Respect goes both ways in healthy relationships.  I want to be respected and I will respect others."

Family and Friends

Our primary concern is for the person we support and we will encourage and honour the participation of family and friends within a circle of support.

"I am part of a circle of family and friends that is important to me."

Privacy and Confidentiality

We will respect privacy and treat all personal information with the utmost confidentiality and we will abide by Community Living Owen Sound and District's confidentiality policy.

"Respect everyone's privacy and property."

Informed Choice

We will act as a resource and assist in gathering information to assist the people we support in the process of making life choices.

"Support me in making informed choices so that I can fulfill my dreams."

Risk, Opportunity and Lifelong Learning

We will ensure that the integrity of the persons we support is protected without compromising basic safety and security.

"There is good risk and bad risk.  I want the opportunity to learn and try new things.  If I mess up, nobody says I told you so, but I can learn from that experience."

Community Inclusion

We will assist the people we support in building relationships and encourage a sense of belonging.  Inclusion will be based on the concepts of:
- preference, ie. what people like and want to do
- opportunities, ie. what is available; and
- choices, ie. the ability to make use of opportunities to satisfy one's own preferences.

"Being included and participating in things I enjoy is important to me."

Our Vision

Community Living Owen Sound and District will be a positive influence in shaping a community where all people have the opportunity to live out their hopes and dreams, regardless of differences in intellectual or other abilities.

Our Mission

Committed to assist people with developmental needs to live, work and participate fully in the community as valued partners.

Our Board of Directors

Community Living Owen Sound and District is governed by a twelve member volunteer Board of Directors, elected annually by the Members. The Board meets monthly for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours. There are comprehensive Governance Policies in place which defines the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the staff allowing the Board to focus on governance and policy issues. Directors come with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.