T.D. Mayer - Community Living Bursary

This Bursary is established to provide a meaningful level of funding for residents of Bruce and Grey County who have a developmental / intellectual disability to pursue Post Secondary Education.   With the addition of Inclusive Education programs such as Community Integration through Co-operative Education Programs at Ontario Colleges, new opportunities are now available.

Eligible Expenses:

The bursary can by used for any purpose so long as it is related to a post-secondary education (tuition, books, lodging, computer or other technology etc)

Admission Requirements

The candidate must:

  • Reside in Bruce or Grey County at time of application
  • Have a developmental / intellectual disability
  • Demonstrate a level of personal independence necessary to attend college as a full time student.
  • Prepare and upon request present a letter of application that summarizes their personal profile and articulates their personal goals and interests. 

Application Process:

Phase One: Applicants must submit a letter of application by May 20th. The letter must detail the applicants’ post-secondary goals and show proof of application to College or enrollment.   If application to College or post-secondary program has not been made Applicants must provide a reason (ie affordability).   Applicants who are deemed eligible for Phase Two will be notified by May 31st.

Phase Two: By June 10th eligible applicants will prepare an “essay” or presentation describing their personal biography, the post-secondary program they hope to attend and what they expect to gain from the experience. Wherever possible, applicants will present their application in a personal interview with the selection panel. All applicants will be contacted with the Selection Panel’s decision by June 30th .

Phase Three:   The successful applicant will submit documentation confirming acceptance into a post-secondary program.   The successful applicant will provide confirmation that they have a developmental disability (this can come in the form of a letter of support from one of the developmental service providers in Grey and Bruce Counties).